Brokers Must Keep Up With the Flexible Office Space Trend

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Commercial real estate brokers can partner with Executive Workspace to help their clients find the ideal office space matching their needs. Come learn about the perks of entering into just such a broker partnership!
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The landscape of the traditional office is evolving rapidly. Companies of all sizes are seeking maximum flexibility within their real estate portfolios, making the work of a broker more complicated. Executive Workspace is simplifying the search for flexible office space by partnering with brokers. You can easily find your clients an ideal location to perform meetings, close deals, and complete everyday tasks.

More than one-third of the American population works in the ‘gig’ economy. Wi-Fi and a comfortable couch may work for the initial stages of launching a startup. In contrast, successful entrepreneurs and business developers will eventually need a professional office space. That’s when they turn to a qualified broker. Brokers who have quick access to a variety of flexible workspace options will be able to better serve their clients.

How Brokers Benefit from Flexible Office Space

Clients who need an office space may not be ready to sign a year-long lease. They also want to avoid the complications of having overhead costs of utilities, space they don’t need, and being responsible for maintenance needs. Therefore, the benefits for a broker partnering with a flexible office space solutions company are numerous:

Top 5 Benefits for Brokers with Flexible Office Space

  1. No hunting for the right spaceBuilding a partnership with an office solutions company means you never have to search the market for an ideal location for your client. Because your office solutions company keeps you abreast of available spaces, you can choose the best-fitting location for your client.
  2. Earn commissionSimply by partnering with a flexible office solution company and building successful referrals, you earn a commission. Because office solution companies work as an extension of your brand, when they succeed, you succeed.
  3. The right inventory for any clientFor business owners who need a small, central location with a professional setting to meet with clients, finding a stand-alone unit can be nearly impossible. Therefore, you can meet the needs of your up-and-coming clients and close small deals that other brokers aren’t equipped to handle.
  4. No contract negotiationsWith a flexible office space provider like Executive Workspace, you don’t have to worry about negotiating a shorter lease for a client. Because work spaces are available on a month-to-month basis, flexible office space makes it easier for you and the client.
  5. Room to growAs your clients’ businesses grow, you don’t have to look outside your office space solutions company. Locations offered by Executive Workspace offer adequate space for individuals or large organizations. Likewise, with the short-term rental options, you can easily upgrade a client’s rental space as their business expands.

As a broker, you want to make the client’s office space decision a worry-free, as-needed experience. So, by partnering with a trusted flexible office space provider in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin areas of Texas, you have access to modern work spaces that your clients will love.

Find the Right Flexible Office Space Provider

Research flexible office solution companies in your area to determine which group provides the most desirable office locations, offers a strong commission plan, and is equipped with different styles and sizes of offices. You should be able to easily access this information by locating the company’s broker page.

Once you’ve narrowed your search, reach out to the company’s sales team. One conversation should give you the information you need surrounding the commission process, how the referral program works, and any questions you have about office availability. Likewise, many office solution companies are straight forward with their brokers program and are willing to answer your questions via email if you don’t have time for a phone call. So, you can receive the information you need quickly and efficiently, effectively expanding your team.

Executive Workspace Brokers Program

Brokers in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin areas who understand the growing demand for flexible work space will best serve their clients by partnering with a reputable office solutions company. Executive Workspace manages a group of professional spaces that can fit the needs of an individual professional or large teams.

Your clients will not only benefit from the flexible office space, but they’ll also have access to the professional and friendly staff positioned at each location. Call answering, mail handling, and business address services are all available for growing businesses.

Offer your clients more while gaining commission through a partnership with the Executive Workspace brokers program.

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