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In today’s digital era, we can find help with a product or service instantly. Despite technology advancing in every imaginable direction, there are some methods of communication that simply never age. Telephone communication, whether via smartphone, VOIP (voice over internet protocol), or traditional landline, isn’t going anywhere; it’s one of the most common ways we connect with companies, organizations, friends and family.

If you’re the leader of a small or medium-sized business, you understand the importance of a professional business image. Without a quality customer service line, you or a full-time employee will be in the position of handling all customer inquiries and interactions, no matter how pressing they are. For most small business owners, this can become a burden or distraction, keeping you away from specialized tasks.

Thankfully, modern solutions for business phone services are varied, flexible, and inventive. Even brand-new businesses can find phone services that will serve them well. These services often provide an advantage on the tough playing fields of the marketplace. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but most companies will be able to locate a business phone service that can help them thrive. We’ve broken down the process of analyzing your business needs and selecting the best business phone service for your company.

Choose Your Type of Business Phone Service

As telecommunication and networking technology has improved, more and more quality services have become available to businesses of all sizes. Where quality, outsourced phone services were once only available to large corporations, these same services are now available to any company – often virtually.

Thanks to advancements in VOIP (voice over internet protocol), call forwarding, patching, caller ID, and even voicemail can all be handled digitally. In addition, you can easily manage and interact with a full answering service digitally. You can access an agency’s customer service talent without paying the overhead cost that comes with running a call center.

Call Answering Services

If you find yourself or another key employee answering customer calls, taking messages from vendors or struggling to return calls, a call answering service is your answer. Typically, a live, offsite receptionist can answer all inbound calls to your business during the period of time you specify. This virtual receptionist can answer calls, take messages, and respond to basic customer inquiries. They can also alert you of anything that needs a follow-up. You can add an entire call answering team to your company without having to interview and hire an onsite receptionist.

Call Forwarding & Voicemail Services

For more simple services like voicemail and call forwarding, convenient digital services are available. This sort of solution is perfect for companies that are operated by the proprietor. For example, an attorney with a private practice may wish to handle calls personally without giving out his or her personal number. For this, a digital call forwarding service would work well.

Companies with more complex needs are not out of luck in the digital arena, either. Extremely high-quality answering services offer specialized customer service that is customized to your company and brand. A tax professional, for example, whose work requires hours of undisturbed focus, might benefit from a virtual receptionist service. This service can not only take messages but also schedule meetings, plan for callbacks, and answer basic inquiries about services provided.

Weigh the Benefits of a Business Phone Service

The most obvious benefits of choosing a virtual business phone service are the savings in labor and monetary costs. However, there is more that goes into balancing the phone service equation.

In addition to providing savings for many small and medium businesses, professional business phone services bring two other major benefits to the table: peace of mind and professional edge. You can rely on a team of professionals who are devoted to managing customer calls and interactions. The right business phone service ensures your customers have a friendly, professional experience every time they call your business, whether you’re in the office or not.

A business phone service plan also frees up your time to focus on what’s important. Business phone services remove administrative tasks and distractions from your daily routine, giving you time to accomplish more.

Assess Your Business Needs

Many small and medium businesses spend more time than they have on customer calls. When starting or growing your business, customer care is essential, and nobody wants to drop the ball when it comes to taking care of the customer. Making the decision to invest in virtual phone services boils down to honestly assessing your needs. It can be tempting to try to take on everything as the leader of a small business. It’s important to remember that the work you do comes with a cost. Freeing up your time and the time of your key employees with a business phone service plan can end up saving you more in the long run.

If you find yourself consistently spending more time helping customers, jotting down notes, sorting mail, and handling simple calls, you’re not using your skills to their full potential. Likewise, if you’re buried under unanswered messages, inquiries, and even emails, you won’t be able to focus on leading your company. In cases like this, a virtual phone service can be just the right tool to help you keep the edge in your industry.

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