How Brokers can Make the Most of Flexible Office Space

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Flexible office space is a new trend in the commercial office real estate industry and brokers can truly benefit from it. Learn how!
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Flexible office space is on the rise. Brokers who set their sights on gaining new clients and keeping up with business innovators will find flexible office space to be a major win. Services like shared office space, virtual office space, coworking offices, and short-term offices are increasing in popularity. Flexible office solutions play to the needs of lean businesses and startups while providing significant compensation for brokers.

What is flexible office space?

Flexible office space is a broad term that refers to most types of office spaces that do not look like a traditional office lease or rental property. While coworking is a well-known example of flexible office space, it is hardly the only form available. Various styles of flexible office space offer a healthy mix of price point and privacy.

Clients will be happy to know that flexible office space with private offices is becoming more popular. Private, flexible office space allows for the regularity of a private office without the overhead of a traditional lease. So, while coworking space might not appeal to those in need of a private office, other flexible office space options do exist.

Privacy often comes at a premium these days. However, small businesses can benefit from flexible office space by gaining control over the amount of office space they rent on flexible terms. Rather than being locked into a multi-year lease, flexible office space allows for businesses to scale the size of their office up or down as their business needs change.

Private, flexible office space

Private, flexible office space is on the cutting edge of non-traditional offices. Also, this type of office solution represents a few growing trends among small businesses. Flexible office space focuses on personalization and optimizing a space for an individual business, privacy and financial efficiently. While private flexible offices are not always the lowest-cost, they are often the perfect balance of features and price.

The cost of flexible office space typically includes other expenses such as utilities, building operating expenses, internet and phone services. As a result, small businesses can receive the services and amenities they need without paying for extra space or paying for services individually on top of a traditional office lease.

As a broker, you find success by pairing your clients up with the right solution. Flexible office space offers a unique office solution your clients may not know about yet. Brokers are expert problem solvers, and flexible office space can provide the financial savings and customization options your clients want in an office space. By partnering with a flexible office space company, such as Executive Workspace, you can submit referrals and we will handle scheduling office tours and all communications.

Catering to larger companies and traditional office leases is perfectly fine, but a lot of the world’s business is still handled by smaller companies that need flexible office space to succeed. As a result, brokers should not overlook this growing office space trend.

Executive Workspace offers a commission on the initial term and renewals. Call (214) 814 – 6000 for more information on the current commission offering! We specialize in personalized services to make sure your client’s needs are met. Flexible office space is immediately available and move-in ready in all 16 of our Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin office locations.

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