How To Stay Productive When Working by Yourself or From Home

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Stay Productive When Working From Home
When working by yourself or from home, it might be a little difficult to stay productive. More than just tightened concentration, your office space can play a big role in increasing productivity. Learn how!
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Research shows that working from home or from a private office is the most productive setting for many professionals.

One survey of more than 42,000 office workers found that people who work in an open office aren’t as efficient as employees who have their own offices. Finding the ideal private office in Austin or the Dallas / Fort Worth areas is the first step to increasing your productivity!

Eliminating the noise and environmental distractions that come with open office designs can help many professionals increase productivity, find a space for meeting clients and keep work matters confidential. Once you’ve discovered the ideal office space for rent, how you utilize the office suite matters. Productivity can be affected by how your office is arranged and how your mind works when you switch tasks.

Productivity Tips For Private Office Effectiveness

If you’re ready to increase the completed work in your day without increasing the workday, we have the productivity tips to get you started.

Time Your Work

Even with the best of intentions, the brain can only operate at a maximum focus for about two hours. Sitting down with the intent to work for four to five hours straight, before taking a break, can actually be detrimental to your day. A study from The Muse found that the most productive 10% of workers fell into the upper echelon because of “their ability to take effective breaks.”

The research found that the most productive people work for 52 minutes at a time, then break for 17 minutes before returning to the task. Set a timer on your phone for 52 minutes. Work diligently until the timer goes off and then step away from the desk. When you return to complete the task, your mind will be recharged and ready to continue learning.

Schedule Administrative Tasks

The average professional receives about 200 emails a day and spends close to 2.5 hours reading and responding to those emails. Not only do you spend time sifting through your virtual mailbox, but with constant breaks to read incoming mail, it takes your mind longer to refocus when you return to work.

Rather than jumping to your inbox each time a pop-up message alerts you to a new email, schedule time to read and respond to messages. It’s also ideal to schedule time to return or make calls to clients. Schedule a 15-minute window mid-morning (not when you start your day) and late afternoon to respond to emails and make calls as needed.

Sign Out Of Social Media Accounts

The average person spends 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking and messaging platforms.

While scrolling through your Facebook feed or posting Instagram photos isn’t a deterrent when the work day is over, research shows that social media sites often experience the most engagement midday, between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m..

Don’t use your work breaks to “check Facebook really quick” or rely on social media messaging to contact friends.

Choose An Exterior Private Office

Natural light lifts our mood, but it also increases productivity. A recent study reveals that employees that work in offices that are illuminated by natural light report an 84% drop in eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision.

By choosing a rental office space with windows, you’ll stay more concentrated on your work without the health and psyche effects of harsh florescent lighting. Optimum natural lighting is one of the first office characteristics to consider when renting a space.

Stand When Needed

For many, sitting too long can become a distraction from work. Standing at work could increase your productivity by as much as 46 percent. Utilize a sit-stand work station.

Many mobile options are available on Amazon, so even if you’re renting a private office in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin or the surrounding areas, you can take advantage of stretching your legs.

Productivity at work shouldn’t be thought of only in terms of concentration. Finding the ideal rental office that offers silence and sunlight can help you work smarter throughout the day. When you schedule your day wisely, strategically planning for breaks, you can get more done without extending your work time.

Executive Workspace has a number of private offices in Austin and the Dallas/Fort Worth area for professionals to rent by the day or long-term. Use the space for quiet work or to meet with clients. Rely on a trusted name in office space rental to help you find the space that will improve your productivity while still offering the professional flexibility you desire.

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