New problems of the new “hiring capital” of the country

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Texas beats new records in hiring and became a new "hiring capital" of the country, but the process became harder as many managers say they are getting 'ghosted' by applicants
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Texas is a new “hiring capital” of the country.

For several months late 2021, Texas had more job quitters than any other state in the U.S. About 455,000 people quit their job just last October. The surveys said that 65% of employees which is almost  2 out of 3 people were looking to change their job. Of course, many of them were “soft” searchers, that just looked for new opportunities but the percentage is still very high. While many quitters decided to start their own business (you read about it here), many were looking for new positions, and it caused an uptick in hiring.

Texas has taken over first place for the number of new hires in the last eight months of 2021. During this time Texas employers said ‘you’re hired’ 4,732,000 times, that’s roughly 19,717 people found their new jobs every day. Just in December, there were 643,000 people hired in Texas. 

The phenomenon of ‘ghosting’

More and more hiring managers say they are getting ‘ghosted’ by applicants. Often even new hires or existing employees are just not showing up or simply cut off communication. 46% of Dallas company executives say that compared to two years ago, ghosting is now more common.

Here are the top reasons that are making people ghost employers:

8% didn’t want to return to the office and prefer to work remotely. 

13% no-showed because they said the job “wasn’t what they expected.”

38% said they did it because of the poor interview process. 

42% said they stood you up because they got another job offer. 

It means nowadays employers have to move fast to hire and to retain existing employees. Of course, it gives some additional confidence to those who are looking for a job, as just showing up for interviews might set you apart from the competition. But they also should be careful when ghosting someone who is hiring as you never know when you’re going to see that manager again.

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