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Office & Meeting Space Amenities
Office amenities can truly make a difference in not only attracting great talent but also in keeping them productive and happy. But deciding which ones to look for and what you don't need might seem daunting. Learn the steps and the logic behind them to make the right decision.
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Workplace office amenities have become a popular trend and deserve attention when looking for a new office. Millennials are becoming a larger percentage of the workforce, and offices need to change to stay relevant. Adding amenities that boost productivity, care for employee’s wellness, and offering incentives will help businesses hire and maintain talented employees.

You don’t need a large budget to provide an office space that creates a flow of productivity among your staff. Instead of jumping on the “latest and greatest” trends that quickly become obsolete, cater to your company’s culture. Discover what your employees want and only focus on what works for your business.

Optimize your office space with our breakdown of office amenities. Determine your highest priority items, so you know which amenities to ask for, pay for or skip altogether. Throughout the process, consider the ROI (Return On Investment) for each amenity to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

The Essential Amenities

Successful companies often go above and beyond to make sure their employees perform at the highest standards. When it comes to office space amenities, productivity and performance are key factors to consider. There are many ways to increase your productivity in the workplace, and some involve offering office amenities for all employees. The following amenities are standard in most office spaces. These tried and true benefits should come standard with your office space or add them once you move in.

  • WiFi access in every room
  • Meeting spaces with tools such as whiteboards, projectors, phones, etc.
  • Ample restroom facilities for the number of people in the office
  • Break room area with refrigerator and storage space
  • Easy access for employees such as keypad or key card entry

There may be more amenities essential for your business than the ones listed above. Talk to your team to determine what is most important to them and what will help them be successful in their jobs.

The Nice-to-Have amenities

You may be surprised by what is essential to your employees. The following list provides example amenities that might cost a bit more than the basics but are worth it if it keeps your employees happy. These features go above and beyond standard office space, so determine which amenities you are willing to pay extra for and which ones to skip.

  • On-site cafeteria, cafe or deli: Warm meals, quick bites and convenient snacks can keep employees happy. The ideal price for on-site meals is at or below $10. If this is important to your employees, be sure to consider vegetarian, vegan and dietary needs.
  • High-quality coffee: Encourage your staff to stay in the office instead of running out to Starbucks. A simple selection of coffee and tea can go a long way toward employee happiness.
  • Greenery: Plants around the office can promote positive attitudes and offer a nice decoration to a bland space.
  • On-site fitness center, showers and locker rooms: If health and fitness are essential to your employees, consider an office in a building with a gym. This can be a great selling point for attracting new talent and provide a perk to current employees.

Quirky Workplace Amenities

If your company thinks outside of the box or you have a unique set of employees, consider the following unusual amenities. These features can help attract a specific type of employee but be careful not to turn away talent. You should only pay for quirky office amenities if you are sure they will be used and help your business.

  • Basketball hoops
  • Hammocks or other unique seating/lounging options
  • Video games
  • Creative room for art, projects, and fun activities
  • Quiet room for reflection or rest
  • Childcare services
  • On-site spa or salon
  • Banking, pharmacy, dry cleaning, etc.

Choosing an office with the right amenities

If you’re looking for new office space, make a list of which amenities are most important for your business and which ones you can live without. Ask building managers about which amenities come standard and which ones cost extra. Parking garages, fitness centers, lounge areas and meeting spaces may be considered standard in some offices but not in others. Tour each property you are considering and take note of how your must-have amenities will work in the space.

Well-chosen, personalized amenities and services can go a long way towards showing visitors, clients, and employees that you care about their needs and that you are a thoughtful business-owner who pays attention to modern trends without conforming to them.

Amenities are a useful way to give your company personality, while also contributing to the productivity of employees. Choosing the right amenities and services will deliver a return on investment that far exceeds their costs.

If you need help deciding which business services and office amenities will help your business succeed, contact us at Executive Workspace. With a variety of office types, business services and customization features, we can help you find the perfect office and amenities for your business.

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