What is a Virtual Office?

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A virtual office solution provides businesses with the benefits of a physical office without the overhead costs. Companies that utilize virtual office services connect employees without having everyone in the same office space. These businesses also have someone to focus on the daily administrative tasks, which eliminates the need to hire a new employee.

Many businesses run entirely online due to the evolution of technology. These companies don’t need employees to be physically present in an office to still run the business. Virtual office plans offer many of the services companies would receive from leasing a physical office. As a result, virtual offices make a permanent office a non-necessity for many businesses.

What services do virtual offices offer?

Virtual office solutions offer many services that replace the functions of traditional office space. Companies utilizing virtual office plans can pick and choose the services that work for their business. This type of solution allows businesses to spend money only on the services they truly need, while saving on the rest.

Physical Business Address

One of the most important things a virtual office offers is a physical business address. Your business can receive mail, have an address for tax purposes and benefit from the professional appearance that comes with a physical address. If you want more information on the benefits of a business address, check out our blog, Does My Company Need Business Address Services?

Receptionist & Admin Support

Call answering services are a big part of virtual office solutions. Your company has someone to answer the phone, direct calls and notify you of messages. Using these services for call answering is often cheaper than hiring a full-time receptionist or administrative staff.

VOIP Phone & Internet

Businesses can stay connected with VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phone services and internet. This allows employees to work remotely from the location of their choice, thus eliminating the need for a permanent office space. Customers and clients can also easily contact the business with seamless phone services and call transferring.

Meeting Spaces & Conference Rooms

Sometimes a face-to-face meeting is a necessity. If you need a dedicated space for client meetings, team brainstorming sessions or presentations, choose a virtual office plan that includes meeting space. A physical meeting space provides an extra layer of professionalism to your business while remaining flexible. Virtual office plans provide access to meeting space and conference rooms without a permanent lease or long-term contract.

Who Could Use a Virtual Office?

Virtual offices are perfect for businesses that don’t need a physical office space to conduct business on a daily basis. Small businesses find them helpful because they cut the cost of office space while providing a professional image. Startups and entrepreneurs benefit from the wide variety of virtual office services without hiring new employees. Independent professionals utilize virtual offices to have a local presence and professional image without committing to a long-term office lease.

Basically, virtual office services can benefit most businesses in some way. Companies can customize a plan to meet their needs and avoid paying for unnecessary services.

Benefits of a Virtual Office

One of the biggest benefits of a virtual office is that it saves money. Office space leases are expensive and business services cost big bucks, too. These plans offer the professionalism and services of an office space without the commitment and added expense.

Oftentimes, companies see an increase in productivity when they adopt a this type of solution. Employees are not responsible for daily administrative tasks, so they are free to do more specialized work. Customer questions and requests are answered quickly, and the business has a more professional image overall.

Virtual office plans are often month-to-month, allowing for the flexibility to scale services up and down as business needs change. Businesses can also select the services they need and avoid paying for unused services.

Find Your Virtual Office Solution with Executive Workspace!

If you need virtual office solutions like call answering services, mail handling, or a professional business address, Executive Workspace can customize a plan for your business. We offer a variety of services designed to help your business succeed. Your custom plan meets the needs of your business while staying in budget. Best of all, there’s no long-term contracts and you can select only the services you actually need.

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